Levowall 3D Wall panels. Healthy,Light weight and Easy to install

Are you looking for something new and exciting to shape your walls & ceiling? Are you looking an opportunity for the new and high profit product? We’ve taken wall murals to the next level with fashional 3D wall panels.  Choose LEVOWALL panel,the reward will be surprised you sooner.


Used for interior wall&ceiling decoration

1. The raw materials used for our 3D wall panels are 100 % eco friendly.

2. The 3D wall panels are designed that when you put them together they form a pattern.

3. Paint them any color you like or let us do it for you.

4. Very easy to install, and we supply all the necessary installation products.

Durable, flexible, visually striking, eco-friendly,waterproof, paintable and surprisingly affordable! 

At this moment,there are 3 textures available, if you want to know more , please contact with us.