• Dimension : 625*800mm
  • Original Color : White
  • Package : Box 12 panels | 6 m2
  • Raw Material : Natural plant fiber, 100% biodegradable
  • Features : Eco friendly, light weight, easy DIY
  • Application : Commercial areas, home decoration, public facilities


3d wall panels is constructed primarily from plant fiber utilizing environmentally friendly technology for a cleaner,greener product.At a time when environmental impact is at the forefront of everyone’s minds,here is a product that provides high quality,interior decoration possibilities that will enhance, not harm the environment.


Healthy to people and environment.

Light weight and paintable.

Easy install, easy remove

Embossed 3D design.

Cleaning: Easily with a damp cloth.

Installation Instructions:

1.Prime, Paint, Glue, and apply paintable caulking if any gaps. Also perfect for retail, restaurant, or hotel applications. 

2.Use our customized steal frame, no need fill the gap.