• Dimension : 500*500mm
  • Color : Original color
  • package : 24pcs in one box
  • Raw material : Bamboo fiber, eco friendly
  • Application : Wall & ceiling decoration
  • Features : Eco friendly, light weight, easy DIY

We present our modern and exciting 3D Wall Panels range. Made out of bamboo and sugarcane fibers, our product is 100% reclycled, compostable and is therefor 100% biodegradable. These panels are easy to install and can be painted in any colour of your choice, which will transform any wall into an elegant and sophisticated work of art! 

Add that “WOW” factor - feature walls no longer need to be restricted to a mere splash of colour. Let us help you add dimension to your walls! Elegant, luxurious, modern and funky wall decoration for almost every room of the house. Home theatres, lounges, hallways, ceilings, bedrooms, entrances : Give Your Walls Life!

Project Pictures